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Senior Portraits...

Choose your senior photographer carefully. Senior portraits are a once in a lifetime event and should only be trusted by someone that knows how to make you look your best. Throughout my 40+ year career, I have mastered lighting, posing and image enhancement to provide you with the best images possible. I pay attention to details in every facet of the process. 

J. McBee Senior Portraits are not for everyone. They're for people who want the best.


I am only accepting a limited number of seniors this year. By accepting less, I can focus on the needs of the client. I provide photographic services on location only, using area's in and around St. Joseph to give the greatest variety of images possible.  

How we operate...

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Decide if you want to order prints or digital files.


Select your Digital or Print Package from the list below. We collect the session fee to reserve your photo date


Contact us via the contact form on this site or call us at 816-364-6454 to schedule your appointment and submit your advance.


We'll meet at a location in St. Joseph and create plenty of images for you to select from.


Previews will be online ready for viewing by the next business day.


We'll make an online appointment to review your images and take your order.


We retouch and enhance your images and they are ready to deliver in 2 to 4 weeks.

Session Fee / Time

Select the session or, amount of time you want to have your images created. If necessary, you are welcome to add on additional time at $25 per half hour.


Bring a variety of outfits to reflect your different styles. Formal, casual, colorful or edgy. We recommend anywhere from a minimum of 3 outfits with our smaller sessions to as many as we can fit in to your allotted session time.

Digital or print?

You have the freedom to choose digital files, photographic prints or a combination of the two. 


Your images are posted online the next business day. We contact you for a time to discuss your order over the phone.

Digital Collections

You select the images you want and we fully retouch and enhance them for you. They are delivered on a flash drive.

Our color lab is the finest in the nation and you can also order prints from any of your digital files at specially discounted prices.

Print Collections

You select the pose, size(s) and quantity of prints you would like. We fully retouch your images and produce photographic prints and any of our really unique products listed below.

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Session Options

We offer 3 session options. Each offers more time giving you more time for clothing changes and more poses to select from. Poses and clothing changes are estimates only.

Digital 120

The 45

45 Minute Session

2 to 3 Outfits Recommended

Approx. 30 Images


The 90

90 Minute Session

3 to 5 Outfits Recommended

Approx. 60 Images


The 120

2 Hour Session

3 to 8 Outfits Recommended

Approx. 80 Images


Digital Collections


Session Fee: $45

45 Min. Session

8 Retouched Digital Files

8 - 5 x 7 prints in a coffee table booklet



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Session Fee: $90

90 Min. Session

17 Retouched Digital Files

17 - 5 x 7 prints in a coffee table booklet



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IMG_0641 estes.jpg

Session Fee: $120

120 Min. Session

27 Retouched Digital Files

27 - 5 x 7 prints in a coffee table booklet



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Print Collections


Print 45

Session Fee $45

8 Poses

7 Units

48 Wallets

5 x 7 Folio

Add a pose $25 / Add a unit $36



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IMG_9210 osteen.jpg

Print 90

Session Fee $90

12 Poses

8 Units

64 Wallets (4 Poses of 16)

8 x 10 Folio

20 x 20 Cube Wall Portrait

Add a pose $20 / Add a unit $36



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Print 120

Session Fee $120

18 Poses

9 Units

64 Wallets (4 poses of 16)

8 x 8 Photo Album

24 x 24 Kelly Wall Portrait

Add a pose $18 / Add a unit $36



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Photo Products

Gift Sized Prints

A unit is any of the following:

One 8 x 10

Two 5 x 7

Three 4 x 6

Four 4 x 5

All of our print packages are listed with "units' of photos. This method offers you very flexible method of packaging. For example; a three unit package allows you to order 1 Unit of 8 x 10, 1 unit of 5 x 7 and 1 unit of 4 x 6 which gives you 1 - 8 x 10, 2 - 5 x 7 and 3 - 4 x 6 prints. 

With print packages each additional unit above the package limit is $36

Wall Portraits

Wall portraits are made for display in your home or office.

     Print Size

  1. 11 x 14 Print - $89        Perfect for a hallway or small wall space

  2. 10 x 20 Print - $109      

  3. 16 x 20 Print - $139      Above a chair or with several smaller prints

  4. 20 x 20 Print - $189      Moderate sized wall space

  5. 20 x 24 Print - $199      Large wall space above a sofa

  6. 20 x 30 Print - $245

Wallet Size Prints

Wallets are printed in sets of 8

Wallet Size Prints

8 Wallets (1 pose)               $16

16 Wallets (1 pose)             $24

32 Wallets (2 poses of 16)  $38

48 Wallets (2 poses of 24)  $52

64 Wallets (4 poses of 16)  $70

80 Wallets ( 4 poses of 16) $87

96 Wallets (6 poses of 16)  $105

112 Wallets (7 poses of 16) $122

128 Wallets (8 poses of 16) $140

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Collage Prints

A great way to display your best images for a wall display in your home or office.

collage 2.jpg
Collage Prints

More creative designs of your best images.

collage 1.jpg

A very classy presentation of your favorite images in a multi page, professionally bound album.


This product will allow you to include multiple poses in a unique way. Perfect for a desk top or shelf.


How to book an appointment and order:

  1. Select a Print or Digital package Collection (You can change this at any time up to the point of the session)

  2. Select the "Book Now" button. You will be asked to pay your session fee.

  3. Call us or we will contact you to schedule a date and time that works for you. 

  4. We meet at a location and capture your images.

  5. Your previews are posted online within 1 to 2 business days. 

  6. Review your images and in 2 weeks we'll call to place an order. We ask for 50% of your package collection at this time.

  7. Your finished order is delivered within 2 to 4 weeks.


Call or email us with any questions about the process. We will provide you with clothing suggestions, places we can go to capture your images or to simply help you decide on what type of package is best for you. 

Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. 


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