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Click the button above and you will be taken to our online order site. 


When required, the password is your students last name. It is case sensitive so be sure to capitalize where necessary.

You will select the organization name and then the event you wish to view. If your event

is not listed, it may have expired. In this case Images are still available but, you 

will need to contact the studio (816-364-6454) to order.


Ordering before or on the day of your photo event. Prices are the same as turning

in your order form on picture day. You DO NOT need to bring proof of purchase to picture day.


Proof orders allow you to see the image before you order and can be placed anytime

after the event has been photographed. We usually post images online after the event within

about 24 to 48 hours. Proof orders are priced higher because we lose our volume discount and

we include shipping charges.

School Pictures, School Sports Teams, Dance Schools, Class Group Photos, Elementary School Yearbooks,

Action Sports Photos, Organizations, National Honor Society and League Sports.

The organizations we currently work with:

Benton High School

Central High School

Lafayette High School

LeBlond High School

St. Joseph Christian

Bode Middle School

Truman Middle School

Bessie Ellison Elementary

Eugene Field Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary

Parkway Elementary

Pershing Elementary

Hillyard Nursing

Helen Davis School

Darcee's Dance School

The Dance Arts Center

The REC Center

St. Joseph Parks & REC

St. Joseph Youth Hockey

Midland Empire Youth Football

East Buchanan Youth Football

Mid-Buchanan Youth Football

Savannah Youth Football

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