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Sports & Team Photographs

J. McBee Sports Photography offers a full line of sports photography services for both high school and local leagues. We take pride in turning out creative images at a fair price. We pay attention to detail and organize picture day to be as fast and efficient as possible while still maintaining the quality of images you expect. 

We offer both traditional "Traditional" or "Digital" backgrounds. With Traditional photography, we use the existing facility or outdoor environment as a background. Our Digital backgrounds allow us to extract the photo of the subject and place them in a high impact image designed specifically for your group. 

Coaches will make the decision to use either Traditional or Digital backgrounds based on the preference of the team. We can not offer both traditional and digital backgrounds on the same order. 

Traditional Background Advantage - You capture the actual field, court or school that your athletes work and play in every day. A permanent reminder of your days at school.

Digital Background Advantage - Lighting can be more creative and no weather elements like windy days to worry about. The digital backgrounds are many times more colorful and creative as well. 

How to Order...

You can order one of three ways (Use order method #1 or #2 and SAVE!)

1. PREPAY - Use the online order button on this site up to midnight on picture day. Select your school and event. Place your order securely online and receive an email receipt. You do not need to bring a receipt to picture day.

2. ORDER FORMS - Coaches will pass out handy order forms about a week prior to picture day. Complete the form and enclose payment.

3. PROOF ORDER - Wait one day after picture day and you can view your proof and place your order. Online Proof orders are mailed directly to your home in under 2 weeks. Ordering from proofs does add $5 per order as we lose volume discounts from the lab and we add $5 additional for shipping. Orders can not be picked up at our office. 

You can Pre-order before an event or place your order after proofs are posted online. You save when you either pre-order or pay on the day of photography. Proof orders are slightly higher and add shipping charges. 

2022 - 2023 Sports Price List...

HS & League Pictures Front 2023.jpg
HS & League Pictures (2022 - 2023).jpg

Click  the link above to download a printable price list. You may go online to place your order at the top of the page.

Photo Schedules

We make every effort to communicate photo dates and times for all of our sports teams. Please check with one of the following sites or send us an email. We'll keep you posted.

FACEBOOK - J. McBee Portrait Gallery


School & Sports Team Social Media Sites

Fall photos can begin as early as August and run through late September. We deliver photos within 2 weeks of picture day. If you are ordering from Proofs online, you can expect the photos to be mailed to you within 2 weeks. 

2022 - 2023 Products

keychain website.jpg

Acrylic Key Chain

Small Acrylic Key Chain is a perfect everyday reminder of your athlete

Phone grip website.jpg

Photo Phone Grip

Works on your smart phone

Calendar_8x10V_ImpactPro sample.jpg

Calendar Magnet

This 8 x 10 magnet includes your name, school colors, team and year.


Vinyl Banner

Display this 2 x 4 ft. Vinyl Banner indoors or out. Includes 4 grommet holes at each corner

BF Magnets.jpg

Wallet Magnets

4 - 2.5" x 3.5"

Wallet Size Photo Magnets

Round Button.jpg

Round Magnet

3" Round Photo Magnet

Personalized with school colors

Bag Tag.jpg

Bag Tag

Perfect item to quickly identify your athletes sports bag. Includes name and school color

Button Overview 1.jpg

Photo Button

Wear this 3" Photo Button of your favorite athlete to all of their games.

3x5 Magnets.jpg

Photo Magnets

2 - 3.5" x 5" Photo Magnets of your athlete 


Stadium Blanket

50" x 60" Stadium Blanket

personalized with school name, colors, athletes name & number


Hardwood Plaque

8 x 10 Hardwood Plaque

personalized with name, school, team and year

Dog Tags.jpg

Dog Tags

Metal Photo Dog Tag with chain make a perfect gift for

friends and family

Key Fobs.jpg

Key Fobs

3 - Key Fobs

Made of PVC with school

colors and personalized


Coffee Mug

11 oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Personalized with name, school, sport and team name


Felt Pennant

12" x 29" Felt Pennant

Personalized with team colors, name, year and uniform #

Water Bottle.jpg

Water Bottle

15 oz. Plastic Water Bottle

Personalized and includes

a storage compartment

Magazine Cover.jpg

Magazine Cover

8 x 10 Magazine Cover

Includes Name and Year



8 x 10 Cutout Statuette

of your athlete

Complete with stand

Bottle Cap Necklace.jpg

Bottle Cap Necklace

Photo Pendant & Chain

Yard Sign.jpg

Yard Sign

2 Sided / 24" x 18" 

Display with stand

for outdoor use

Trading Cards.jpg

Trading Cards

8 - Trading Cards with statistics of your athlete: Age, Height, Weight, Uniform #, Team, etc.

Mother of Pearl.jpg

Mother of Pearl

A Charming Necklace with Chain

Team Photo 1.jpg

Team Photos

Available in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10


Facial Retouching

One of the most important additions to your photos. Removes blemishes

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