School Pictures...

J. McBee Portrait Gallery has over 40 years experience in school picture photography. We provide outstanding expressions combined with quality lighting and expert printing. 

We are a full service photographer and can provide great images while delivering everything a school needs for service items. 

  • Photo ID Cards

  • Teacher Sticker Pages

  • Administration CD's

  • Class Groups or Class Composites

  • Complete Yearbook Services

  • And more...

Plus, a wide variety of backgrounds and products for your student and parent needs. 

Schools we currently work with:

Benton High School

Central High School

Lafayette High School

Bishop LeBlond High School

St. Joseph Christian School

Bode Middle School

Truman Middle School

Eugene Field Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary

Parkway Elementary

Pershing Elementary

Helen Davis School

Recommend us to your school, we would love to include you!


How to Order...

You can purchase your portraits in one of 3 ways:

  1. Place your order online before picture day (Pre-order)

  2. Hand the photographer your completed school picture order form on picture day

  3. Order from proofs online following picture day (Proof Order)


Always place your order online before picture day or with an order form on picture day. Your package price is the same using these two methods. All of our portraits are fully guaranteed.

Orders placed using the proof method are slightly higher (we lose volume discounts at our lab) and we must add shipping charges to mail them to your home. Photos may not be picked up at our office.


We feel the best investment you can make to your photograph is through facial retouching. We offer 2 services. The first is for removing blemishes only and the second is for enhanced retouching that covers blemishes and softens lines around the eyes or for those with increased acne.


Click the "Download File" button above to print an order form or Click the "Online Orders" button to order right now!


Class Group Photos / Class Composites

Your school will select to offer either a traditional Class Group or Class Composite.

Two sizes are available for each option.

You can order your Class Group or Composite online now - click the "Online Orders" button at the top

Class Group Photo

5 x 7 or 8 x 10 Sizes

Class Composite Photo

6 x 8 or 8 x 10 Sizes


Elementary Yearbooks

Order your school yearbook online today.

A $1.50 convenience fee is added to online orders

Click the "Online Orders" button at the top

40 plus pages of full color classroom photos, student groups and lots of candid photos from throughout the year will make this an important keepsake for you and your student. 

Current Elementary Schools using our Softcover Yearbook Service:

  • Eugene Field Elementary

  • Oak Grove Elementary

  • Parkway Elementary

  • Pershing Elementary

Our photographers will catch day to day activities to be used in the yearbook.


Tell Your Story!

Have you taken some fun photos of your students and would like to include them in the school yearbook? If so, follow the link below and upload your images today. Images are selected for yearbook use based on content, number of students in the photo and activity they are participating in. 


Cap & Gown Portraits

We offer Cap & Gown portraits to graduating seniors on or near the date of graduation. You may select from one of several package options and the photos are mailed directly to your home within 2 weeks.

Click the link above to download a current Cap & Gown price list for St. Joseph City Schools

Click the link above to download a current Cap & Gown price list for Bishop LeBlond High School


Honor Society

Each high school has an honor society that we photograph each year. Central & Benton have the "National Honor Society" and Lafayette has the "Lampions". We offer individual and group photos taken at each event.

Download a printable order form by clicking the appropriate button


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