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School Pictures...

J. McBee Portrait Gallery has over 40 years experience in school picture photography. We provide outstanding expressions combined with quality lighting and expert printing. 

We offer a number of print package options as well as a variety of great keepsake products and even digital downloads. We have our current 2023 - 2024 Price list already attached below. 

You can scroll down and find all of our sample products we're offering this year as well as photo dates for each of our schools.

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School Photo Dates
2023 - 2024

Benton HS.jpg
Lafayette HS.jpg
LeBlond HS.jpg
sav early.jpg

High School Yearbook Deadlines

High School deadlines vary by school but, most occur in the late fall (October 1 thru November 15) to early winter months. Please be aware of your school's deadline to avoid being left out of your book. 

Central HS.jpg
john glenn.jpg
minnie clline.jpg
oak grove.jpg
Savannah HS.jpg
Savannah MS.jpg

Elementary School Yearbook Deadlines

Elementary schools do not have traditional yearbook deadlines but, you must be photographed on either picture day or remake day at your school. 

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How to Order...

You can purchase your portraits in one of 3 ways:

  1. Place your order online before picture day (Pre-order)

  2. Hand the photographer your completed school picture order form on picture day

  3. Order from proofs online following picture day (Proof Order)


Always place your order online before picture day or with an order form on picture day. Your package price is the same using these two methods. All of our portraits are fully guaranteed.

Orders placed using the proof method are slightly higher (we lose volume discounts at our lab) and we must add shipping charges to mail them to your home. Photos may not be picked up at our office.


We feel the best investment you can make to your photograph is through facial retouching. We offer 2 services. The first is for removing blemishes only and the second is for enhanced retouching that covers blemishes and softens lines around the eyes or for those with increased acne.

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2023 - 2024 Picture Order Form

Order forms will be delivered to you from your school. Additional forms are available in the school office or you can print the form below and bring it with you on picture day. The safest method is to order online (complete with receipt) anytime before or up to midnight on picture day. All photos are guaranteed. You can order from proofs once they are posted (normally, 3 to 5 days after picture day) but, packages are typically higher and they must include shipping costs. Photos can NOT be picked up from our office. 

Academic Wave_Pre-Pay Flyer_JPEG_back generic2023.jpg

Click the "Download Form" button above to print an order form or Click the "Online Orders" button to order right now!

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2023 - 2024 Products...


Image Retouch

This service offers "Basic Retouching" for removing facial blemishes only.

Retouching makes a big improvement that eliminates temporary problems


Enhanced Retouching

Removes blemishes, softens lines and eye bags, tones down facial shine. Order this for extensive acne

Keychain UG.jpg

Acrylic Key Chain

1.5 x 1.60 inch Acrylic Key Chain with your image on both sides.

Prints UG.jpg

Photographic Prints

Photo Prints are still your best value. Order from our professional labs for outstanding color and permanence. 

Digital Image

Digital Download

This year, receive your digital download and copyright release online

Coffee Mug UG.jpg

11 oz. Coffee Mug

Your student's image with name, school and year on this attractive 11 oz. Coffee Mug.

Calender Magnet UG.jpg

Calendar Magnet

An 8 x 10 Calendar Photo with magnetic back. Includes your student's photo and Personalized with your school colors, name and year. 

Phone grip website.jpg

Phone Grip

Hot new product this year. A photo on your phone grip. 

Photo Button UG.jpg

3" Round Magnet

3" Round Magnet personalized with your school color and name

Plaque UG.jpg

Hardwood Plaque

An 8 x 10 hardwood product that includes student name, School and Year.

4 - BF Magnets.jpg

Wallet Size Magnet

4 - Wallet Size Magnets

Image only, no border or personalization.

Trader Card Magnets - 2 - 3.5x5.jpg

3.5"x5" Magnets

2 - 3.5" x 5" Magnets

Includes graphics and personalized with school colors and year

Mother of Pearl UG.jpg

Mother of Pearl

Charming Mother of Pearl Necklace with Chain

Bottle Cap Necklace UG.jpg

Bottle Cap Necklace

Photo on a simulated bottle cap, chain included

Dog Tags UG.jpg

Dog Tags

Photo Dog Tag

with Chain

fun pak white bkg.jpg

Fun Pak

Colorful collection of fun laminated items (ruler, door hanger, bookmarks, name tags and key fobs

background samples.jpg

Background Options

You can now use our traditional background we have used for years or select one of 6 new options

ship to home log.jpg

Ship to Home

You can select to have your photos shipped directly to your home and avoid damage from backpacks or lost items

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