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Add your own photos to the school yearbook! Upload action shots, school events, sports or field trips and help us build a yearbook that truly captures your student's year. You may upload from any smart phone, tablet or computer.


• Simply click on the school you are attending below.

• Select the "choose from your computer" button.

• Browse your device for the images you want to add.

• Click "upload" and wait for the status bar to say "done."

Once the upload is complete we have your images and will place them into the yearbook for you to view once you receive it at the end of the year.

Thank you for helping us make your yearbook a story you can't put down!

Oak Grove Elementary
Parkway Elementary
Eugene Field Elementary
Pershing Elementary

If you have landed on this page in error and would instead like to view or order school pictures we have taken, please click the link below.