Slide Show Information

There are two slide shows that will be on display at graduation. The first one will be displayed prior to the service and is what I am calling the "Before and After" slide show depicting your student as a child or toddler and what they have grown into today.

The second slide show will be displayed during the reception and I will be referring to it as the "Reception" slide show. It will be much longer in length and encompass any photo you would like to add depicting their time at St. Paul.

Directions for Uploading your Photo:


• Simply click on the slide show you want to upload to below.

• Select the "choose from your computer" button.

• Browse your device for the images you want to add.

• Click "upload" and wait for the status bar to say "done."

Once the upload is complete we have your images and will place them into the slide show.

Thank you for helping us make this graduation just a little more special!

• One baby or toddler photo needed.

• One 8th grade photo needed.

• Up to ten photos per student needed.

• Pictures can be of your student, whole class,

school activities, school friends or special occasions.